Single Project


Makhamisa SA.


12 June 2016


Packaging Design

In coming up with the visual styling of the brand, we looked at the South African & Portuguese dining culture and festivities. This is the type of setting we would like to associate the product with. At a shisa nyama, customers experience a setting in which they enjoy music, braai meat and drinks with friends and family. We found that chicken, hot sauces, spices and wine are part of Portuguese dining culture and cuisines. We therefore need to embody the festivity and culture for the customer to enjoy at home.

We looked at the Portuguese art and the common colours used in the art that makes them uniquely Portuguese. According to our research, we found that Portuguese make use of dynamic and expressive lines in their art. The artist also make use of patterns and floral shapes. These elements guided us in creating a label graphic that embodies both Portuguese and South African culture. In this case, we made use of the food items used as ingredients in the sauces such as chillies and pepper, creating a vibrant dynamic label.

Single Project